The science is simple - we combine nostalgic flavors of the South with untraditional twists to enliven the palate.

"Our whole model was founded on highlighting the heritage of Southern confection while utilizing the modern flavors and techniques of today. The only way to keep the integrity was to commit to making it the old-fashioned way.”

And that’s why we spend the time to maintain the value of hand-crafting each item.

Because it’s how mom did it.

And it’s SO worth it.

"A delightful modern twist on the reminiscent flavors of Southern Heritage." 
- Southern Culinary Society



Brainchild of Executive Chef Tiffany Curtiss ( Batch Confectionery has quickly become the hot spot for all things sweet and salty for Nashville insiders.

"If Chefs were given the creative outlet to parallel art shows, then Batch Confectionery would be my little corner in the gallery."
- Tiffany Curtiss

Whether you're a cultured foodie, a seasoned chef or a culinary expert - there's something for everyone on Batch Confectionery's shelves.

Executive Chef,   Tiffany Curtiss

Executive Chef, Tiffany Curtiss